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4 Ways To Dealing With A Car Blocked Driveway

Blocked Driveway Towing Bronx | Spark Plug Towing

In Bronx, New York City, parking may be a major consideration. Finding a parking spot in a city with so many cars and people might be difficult. If you’ve ever lived in Brooklyn, you’ll remain well aware that not all drivers are as courteous or law-abiding as they should be. Your time is important, and you can’t afford to waste it waiting for someone else to come and clear a blocked driveway.

The reputation of your business counts on you making it accessible and taking care of your customers. No matter what, trust your business to the most reliable blocked towing company around, Guy’s Towing Service.

Some irresponsible car owners may park in your spot or front of your driveway, preventing you from entering or exiting. Due to the city’s limited parking, people regularly park their cars or trucks wherever they can find space, seemingly indifferent if they restrict your access into or out of your driveway. For this, people should adhere to the services of blocked driveway towing Bronx.

What should you not do?

If you’re like most people, your initial instinct could be to try to relocate the offending car on your own. After all, it’s the quickest approach to get rid of the problem in your driveway. However, if you feel this impulse, resist it. Car theft can be defined as accessing another person’s vehicle without their consent, depending on local regulations. Also, don’t retaliate for a bad parking job by committing a crime.

What should you do?

Car Towing Services | Spark Plug Towing
  • One option is to approach the car’s owner and request that they move the vehicle out of the driveway. Let them know how their reckless behaviour is causing frustration to others in a respectful manner. You may also place a sticky note on the windscreen to remind the unknown motorist not to park in your driveway in the future.
  • Signboards that state ‘no parking’ can also be used in your driveway. Car owners are given explicit instructions on where they should park their vehicles and where they should not. You may also use warning signs to deter people from parking on your driveway. Towing warnings or legal action against careless automobile owners will deter them from making this error.
  • You can use blocked driveway towing Bronx, if you need the vehicle removed right away. Such providers arrive quickly and remove the automobile on time. You will not be responsible for the towing expenses because the owner of the illegally parked car is obligated to pay them.
  • Another alternative is to contact the local police department. The car will be located and towed for you by the police. You should be aware that using the services of a competent towing business will result in faster service.


Blocked driveway towing Bronx services are fast and dependable vehicle towing service providers. If you’re stranded at home because strangers have parked in your driveway without your permission, then you can unclear of your driveways and need to call these service providers for safe, fast, up-to-date, and well-equipped towing trucks.

In addition, you will not be charged for auto towing services unless you receive a ticket, in which case the owner of the vehicle will be responsible for the towing costs and not you.

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