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Are You Looking To Become A Web Designer In 2022? Here Are Some Tips!

Web Designer


Web Designing skill is most demanding in almost every industry, with digitization taking over the place. If you want to try your entrepreneurial journey or freelancer journey, you can become a web designer.

Web Designer needs to have the ability to make both static and dynamic websites with complete technicalities. Here are the Top 5 steps that will help you to become a website designer Durham in 2022.

5 Important Steps to Becoming a web application designer

Step 1: Learn and Understand Web Design at a theoretical level

You should get a basic understanding of the underlying theory and principles of web design. There are a lot of foundational concepts such as user experience, color theory, structure, and much more that one needs to build websites. One can try learning this in many ways such as a web design course or UX Bootcamp. Most of such programs are quite intensive and help you to understand functioning at a low level.

Step 2: Learn Different Website Development platforms and tools

Currently, there are tons of tools and technologies available that allows developers to design website by just drag and drop instead of coding. You should try the learning tools like WordPress. It is a content management software on top of which one-fourth of applications are built. WordPress has a lot of plugins and built-in themes that a developer can modify and customize as per the need. Some other tools are in Vision Studio, Photoshop, sketch and google web designer.

Step 3: Build your portfolio and enhance your web development skills

Now, if you have understood and have completed steps 1 and step 2, you should try building different websites that you can use as your portfolio. Also, there are some hard skills such as coding on HTML, CSS, and JS which you should explore while building the portfolio. 

Once you have designed websites try to share them with people and get some feedback on how it could be better because ultimately, the people will be using your web application

Step 4:  Build a landing page and try to share your web design work

Web Design Services - WJJ Brands

Now since you have web design services developed the portfolio, it’s time to apply for either jobs or freelance projects, It’s important to share your portfolio with diversified projects. This will help the recruiter to understand your strengths and expertise.

Step 5: Apply to Relevant Jobs

There are lot many roles available in the web development industry. Based on your skills you can shortlist some of the roles such as Mobile developer, Interaction Designer, Product Manager, and much more. If you are coming from a university or some boot camp, try exploring some entry-level jobs that will help you to grow and build your expertise in a specific technology.


Anyone can become a website designer Durham even if they don’t have a background in Computer science. As per the statistics there around more than half the percentage of web designers come from a nontechnical background. If you follow these steps you will be able to get a good job or project to work on.

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