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What to Do If You Haven’t Worked Out In Awhile

Gyms always have great, useful articles. Recently they published one on what to do if you have gotten “less young” and the workouts that you have tried (or did in the past) take a toll on your body. This is something not just that many people experience who haven’t worked out in some time, and that makes it a great question.

The article covers a few different options for working out that aren’t too taxing on your body. These workouts can be used to build up enough strength or stamina for more intense workouts later down the line if that’s your personal goal. The article suggests activities such as walking 30 minutes a day, swimming, and doing light workouts that involve just your body (such as lunges) rather than weights.

There are all kinds of great places to do things like this in Yorba Linda. The River walk is the first place that comes to mind as being a fantastic place to go walking on a nice day (here’s a good resource if you’ve never heard of it!). Of course, you could also just trek around your neighborhood or at your favorite park as well. There are also several public pools that a quick Google search will bring up.

If you are more of an “I want someone to train me” type person, you can check out the list of personal trainers that we have listed here on the site. Many of them have great tips and training regiments for starting off slow and increasing the intensity of workouts in ways that are safe and won’t overtax your body. Check out the article below for some other ideas.

Tips for Keeping Your Workout Routine Interesting

A great article on Yahoo! offers great advice on how to keep your workout routine interesting. Thousands of people either get bored with their routine, start to see it as a job or a chore that they dread, or simply get busy with the rest of life. This article is for all of us who truly desire to work out on a regular basis but just doing.

One of the main points of the article is to change up the routine – if you workout inside try doing it outside for a change of scenery. If you workout alone, try doing it with friends. If you workout to judge Judy on the TV try to loading up an audio book or Pandora on your phone or iPod.

Many Gyms in Yorba Linda offer various classes that can be a great choice for switching up your cardio routine. And there are some trainers like Trainer Troy who come up with all kinds of creative ways of shocking your muscles during a workout. The main point here is that changing up a workout can help make a routine less of drudgery and more of something you look forward to. If you have any tips that you use to keep yourself motivated or interested in your workout, be sure to share them below!

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