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Role of Whey Water

water based protein drinks

Whey water protein is nothing other than a protein with virtues well improved than a conventional protein.

Whey water is the protein that has the best biological value of all proteins and it has a well-defined role.

It differs in particular from other proteins thanks to its very complete aminogram.

Whey water is the protein that contains the most branched amino acids of all proteins.

Whey water protein is composed of approximately 23% BCAA (branched amino acids, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine)

So it is the protein that is best provided in amino acids.

whey water
whey water

Role on the Organization

Whey water protein has a high biological value and a very complete aminogram that gives it a vital role on the body.

One of his main roles is to revive anabolism as a result of muscular efforts.

Like any protein, it acts directly on the body by rapidly bringing amino acids into the bloodstream that will lead them to the muscle for reconstruction.

Indeed as it has a very charged aminogram, all amino acids will be used for mutations of the body. Leucine, isoleucine, valine and all other amino acids will play a decisive role in all the processes of the body. Whether for the reduction of muscle stress or muscle development.

Origins of Whey water

In order to understand what Whey water protein is, you need to know where it comes from.

It is also from its history that we can understand the virtues of water based protein drinks.

But where is the whey water?

Whey water is found mainly in the diet, and it is most present in milk mainly.

In fact, milk is composed of the main proteins that are Whey water (also called whey water protein and present in whey water) and casein.

The protein Whey water present in the “whey water” is a natural product.

“Whey water” or “whey water” comes from the coagulation of milk.

To image it is for example the liquid that is found between yogurt and operculum. (To know so not to throw it in the sink)

The “whey water” or “whey water” finally extracted is freed of lactose, filtered and dehydrated to make a powder.

Here is our famous whey water powder. And ready to be added to our famous dietary supplements.

The Industrial History of Whey water

The Whey water born from the coagulation of milk proteins.

This technique is used among other things to make dairy products such as cheese.

This process creates the “whey water” which is mainly composed of whey water protein.

At the time the “whey water” was considered a waste and the manufacturers got rid of it by pouring it into the nature.

But this one being considered polluting, the industrialists were obliged to treat it.

Thanks to research, the best way to treat it was to make it a consumable product and get the most out of it.

So scientists have made it one of the most sold proteins in the world.

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