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Partial Dentures or Dental Implants?

denture reline point cook

More and more elder people have problems with their natural teeth and there are numerous reasons for this, starting with the things we eat and drink and continuing with the way we clean and take care of our teeth. Luckily modern dental medicine is ready to solve these problems and proposes two popular options that both come with their own advantages and disadvantages: partial dentures and dental implants.

Denture reline point cook are a very convenient solution for the ones that only miss a few teeth. They are easily installed by anchoring to the near teeth and as you can imagine they are not a permanent solution. On the other hand dental implants are installed with the help of a screw directly to the bone and of course they represent a permanent solution.

denture reline point cook
denture reline point cook

However dental implants cannot be installed to any patient and in some cases infections appear soon after the installation process. On the other hand the main drawback of partial dentures consists in the fact that you need two health teeth to the left and to the right of the place where you want to install them. In terms of cost, dental implants are a couple of times more expensive than denture reline point cook.

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