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Introduction Of Anode Suppliers

anode suppliers

The anode suppliers is an excellent choice for protecting the bottom of above ground storage tanks (AST). Manufactured in assemblies of concentric circles, the Anode series of anode suppliers can be used to protect:

  • The outermost bottoms of new tanks in contact with the soil.
  • The internal bottoms of double bottom tanks.
  • The outermost bottoms of existing tanks (with the ANODE made with the optional pull ring.)

The Anode System for Has the Following Components:

Anodes with cable tails attached. No field assembly or splicing   is required . See the individual product data sheets for information on each type of anode.

  • Of course you can order any single component or a reel of  Anode to make your own assemblies.
  • Reference electrodes with cable tails
  • Anode/reference electrode junction box.

anode suppliers

The Anode System

The anode suppliers system for  is a pre-assembled series of concentric rings of the flexible anodes, ready to install. ANODE is normally designed to be installed in straight pieces in a horizontally drilled bore hole. The following Anodes can be used.

Designing the Anode System

It is can provide all of the information that you need to design, specify order and install the cathodic protection system Perth for your tank. If you provide engineering with some basic information, we will provide you with:

  • Number of anode rings
  • Length of each anode ring
  • Resistance of the anode system in your soil or sand
  • The recommended rectifier size
  • The number of recommended reference electrodes
  • The cost of the system
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