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How to Streamline Workplace Efficiencies with Warewashing Machines

We understand that small catering companies may have a hard time justifying a brand new Glass Washer Commercial or potwasher however think about your return on investment. Consider the perks of running a modern commercial kitchen that is supported by state-of-the-art warewashing machines. We look at some of the ways that you can streamline workplace efficiencies simply by installing and using Glass Washer Commercialand potwashers.

Economy of Space

Look at your floorplan. Are your staff floundering around the sink, splashing water everywhere? You can minimise the potential for workplace accidents by simply automating your need for Glass Washer Commercial and pot washers. Warewashing machines are worth the investment when they give your staff more room to work in rather than crowd basins and benches trying to polish glasses or scrub pots. Simply stack the racks with used glasses as tables are cleaned, then slide straight into the Glass Washer Commercial. No cluttered sinks and gleaming glasses are ready for use when needed.

An Efficient Workplace is a Safer One

Time is precious. How long would it take you to polish a single glass by hand? You could load a Glass Washer Commercial and move on to other duties instead. Also, think about the rest of your team and what they could be doing instead. Warewashing machines help your staff to work smarter and faster.

Consistently Clean

There is something wonderful about that dishwasher sheen. You know, that impressive, polished shine that coffee cups seem to have after they’ve been through an automated cleaning cycle. Chances are you already have a dishwasher as part of your commercial kitchen arsenal. Have you considered upgrading? We recommend the Eswood, Hobart and Lamber brands.

Safer Workplace Practices

You can’t help but make a mess when there’s stacks of pots and pans to scrub and rinse. The floor gets wet with hot, soapy water and there is a chance that someone may accidently slip or break something. Fortunately, potwashers eliminate these kinds of workplace hazards and make for a safer working environment.

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