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Driving Test Nerves? Here’s How to Overcome Them

You might think that it is only natural to be nervous when about to take your driving test, but unfortunately, nervous people make mistakes, and mistakes can mean all the difference between whether you pass first time, or you don’t.

Three Out Of Five Pass First Time!

At Yloo Driving School, our driving instructors in Brisbane take great care to see that you are ready for the test, and can take it in a calm and confident manner. As a result, our pupils have a 61% first time pass rate, compared to the national average which is only 41%. In other words, nationally, three out of five people fail first time, whereas our driving instructors in Brisbane see to it that three out of five pass first time.

It is a fact that those who pass the test first time have had more driving lessons Brisbane with a professional driving instructor than those who have not. On average, pupils who pass first time have had 45 hours of lessons, and a further 22 hours of practice with friends or family. No matter how much practice you have, if you have only had 10 hours of proper lessons, there are going to be a lot of things that you have not learned when it comes to time to take the test.

A Full Course Of Lessons

driving lessons Brisbane

This is why our driving instructors in Brisbane suggest that you should take a full course of lessons. This may not be 45 hours. You could be ready to take your test after 25 or 30 hours. Your Brisbane driving instructor at Yloo Driving School will make an assessment of your readiness for the test, and will let you take it as soon as you are ready, but not before. This is why so many of our pupils pass first time.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you have the best possible chance of passing first time. Use a vehicle for the test with which you are familiar. At Yloo Driving School, we have a fleet of cars on which you can learn, and it’s best to pick one that is similar to your family car if you can. That way you are practicing at home on one that is similar to the one you use for lessons. The cars we use are relatively small, so they are easier to manoeuvre than 4 x 4’s, or vans, or SUV’s.

Get To Know The Routes

It is a good idea to get to know the routes that the driving examiners use. Your driving instructors in Brisbane know these anyway, and will give you time to practice on them. This will give you more confidence when it comes to taking the test.

Make certain that you get to the test centre in plenty of time. Your examiner won’t be happy if you arrive late, and may refuse to let you take the test. In addition, make certain that you have your provisional licence with you.

Don’t chatter away to the examiner when you are driving. Talk to him only when necessary. However, if you don’t understand something that he has said, don’t be afraid to ask him to repeat or explain it.

Passing your test first time is all about conquering those nerves. Our driving instructors in Brisbane will ensure that you are absolutely test-ready before they let you apply for the test.

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