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11 Step to Get Money From Blog/ Website With Google Adsense

seo companies los angeles

seo companies los angeles

Google Adsense is a PPC program that can be followed by blog or website owners around the world. PPC Google Adsense is very popular among bloggers. There have been many bloggers are rich and getting thousands of dollars a month with Google Adsense. I myself just learning Google Adsense, this blog will eventually seo companies los angeles already crowded would I give ads from Google Adsense. Actually there are many other ways to get money from the internet. PPC Google Adsense is just one online business can be your choice.

It’s not that easy to build Adsense blog, but if you do have the will to succeed can do it. Become an Affiliate Amazon is also commonly performed by the bloggers. Below I will describe how to earn money from Google Adsense, step by step:

seo companies los angeles
seo companies los angeles

Choose Adsense niche blog content

Before you create your first blog set the theme of the blog you like. The tip is to choose the topic of your blog is like. Because if you like it then you will be able to write good articles. This article is one key to success in this business adsense PPC. Unique quality content that will be a source of traffic and loyal customers come to your website / blog. Because I like the SEO then I create a blog that discuss about search engine marketing strategies, while learning, writing.

Research keywords

After you specify the unique content, the next step is the analysis of keywords. If you want to use the Google External Tools, on this blog I have written how to use it. Click here!! This is to determine the major keywords that will be optimized. Search for keywords with little competition, and the estimated number of searchers click a lot higher. This relates to the revenue targets that you will achieve.

Choose a domain name

After analysis of keywords and you have selected a few major keywords for your blog. Next is to choose a domain name, domain name should have the keywords you selected. For example this blog about SEO, then I choose SEO company Los Angeles as a major keywords and choose the domain name seo company los angeles. should select the domain ending.. com, net or. org.

Buy domain hosting

Well after the domain name you specify and you’ve been looking for a name in the provider domain, buy domain. Try to buy a domain and hosting appropriate State that you are headed. For example you are the target visitors from Indonesia, then buy a domain and hosting of servers in Indonesia. Blog this seo company los angeles want to get traffic from the United States. Each State has different click prices, I chose SEO keywords because keywords have a high click prices.

Install WordPress

After buying the domain hosting, the next step is to create a blog. I recommend WordPress, because WordPress is a simple yet powerful CMS. WordPress has the support of developers around the world who always improve the performance of the plugin that they make. Especially the most I like is very Search Engine Friendly WordPress. It is my experience after using some other CMS. But if you want to use other CMS please just.

Install WordPress Plugin

Supporting plugins to support our WordPress blog in order to quickly be in a good SERP position. Because the purpose of making this blog is to bring many visitors as possible. Now use the plugins can indeed support Wordpres blog that will be installed Google Adsense optimally. Ultimate SEO Plugin obligatory, STT2, ALRP, Google Sitemap, Contact Form 7, delete revision, ShareThis, facebook connect. To develop your own plugin you can fit your needs.

Setting On page SEO

On page SEO can be done using a plugin such as using Ultimate SEO plugin. Affairs title tag and meta description is wrong is handled by Ultimate SEO. Onpage top search engine optimization SEO is done in our blog. For example, create a structure Heading, Title Tag, Meta tags, Meta description and Footer.ini also very important for your Adsense blog to be liked by the Search Engine

Setting Off page SEO

Off page seo point is to find backlinks. To create a strong adsense blog in Google SERP you must make a good Link Building strategies. In this los angeles seo companies blog I have written several articles about backlinks, please look for it. Ans there are also some marketing strategy for fitness center that you should use for your fitness business.

Write Unique Article

Creating unique articles with a minimum of 500 words. Unique article will be a powerful weapon to compete in the SERP and also to bring in targeted website traffic. Make your articles regularly, eg every day an article. Currently Google loves unique articles and website are updated regularly. Well to bring in a lot of traffic from organic search one of them is to write a unique article to continue.

Bring traffic of at least 500 uv / day

After you have run the 1-9 step, you need a minimum of 3 months to be able to get traffic 500 uv / day. This is the usual time I can bring traffic to 500 uv / day from Google organic search. But if you can more quickly, get to the tips to me ya .. This assumption is if you have a conversion rate of 1% then you will get a click rate of 5 per day from Adsense clicks. The amount of earnings per day depending on the price click.

Install Google Adsense

The final step is to install the Adsense script on your adsense blog. Of course you must have an Google Adsense account before they can put Adsense script. One Google Adsense account can be installed in thousands of your blog.

Above are the steps you can take to make the Adsense blog, accompanied by the above step does not need to register in Google Adsense. If you do not already have an Adsense account, please register for now. Hopefully your blog can bring in high revenue for you. Good luck!!!

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