What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

This is a form of plastic surgery to enhance and restore the vagina to its pre-pregnancy state of tightness, appearance and feel. It is a cosmetic surgery that is not medically necessary and thus is done by a cosmetic surgeon. Vaginal rejuvenation is also known as vaginoplasty or aesthetic vaginal surgery among other names. It is worth noting that according to the WHO, any form of surgery on the vagina that is medically unnecessary is considered female genital mutilation. That said, vulvaplasty and labiaplasty have grown all the more popular with each new day as more and more women realize that they can actually look and feel like teenagers three to five children later.

It actually works well and will achieve some measurable results depending on the quality of the job done on you. Most of all it restores your self-confidence as a woman and will also do your partner the world of good. Below are some scenarios when you can start considering this cosmetic surgery to reenergize your vagina.

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures require general anesthesia and some time the choice of the anesthetic substance may vary. The nerve block administered numbs the pain for about 24 hours after the surgery.  This along with other medications that you can take home after the observational period is over ensure that your do not experience much pain after the procedure.

Laser vs the traditional blade

If you choose to go to a facility where they use laser, the laser beam is used in place of a scalpel with the advantage of being precise and able to produce aesthetic results with less bleeding.  In short, laser is the new blade which is less messy than the scalpel. Laser procedures are easier to recover from and there are less chances of complications.

If it is a labiaplasty, your surgeon will mark out the desired contours and then use the laser to remove the tissue beyond the desired area and then place skin staples to align your labia edge properly. The result is a sleek and trim vagina every woman wants.

Who is Vaginal Rejuvenation for?

Vaginal rejuvenation doctor

Many women around the world are facing post pregnancy vaginal muscle flaccidity which leads to weakening of the muscles and loss of sensation during intercourse.  The associated problems include urinary incontinence and pain during sex which can be caused by the disfiguration of the vagina. The problem goes beyond that though as the physical appearance is downright crushing for your spirit and even when you wear bikinis you can feel you vagina protruding which is embarrassing. Also, during exercise, you may be experiencing some discomfort. The good news is that with this form of cosmetic surgery, you can get your youthful vagina back on. Vaginoplasty will work well for you if you are facing some of the challenges below and many more that can be solved through this aesthetic surgery.


  • Your contours are altered due to injury or ageing


Whether you were injured or it is time simply taking its toll on you, you can restore your vagina to what it was like before the first pregnancy and better with a vaginoplasty. Over time we all lose the tightness and high sensitivity on the vagina due to age. But thanks to this operation  you can reclaim yours.


  • Pain and soreness during sexual intercourse


Do you experience pain during intercourse? Flaccid labia could be the cause of your problem and a labiaplasty could help.


  • Reduced sensation during intercourse


Is the sex less enjoyable nowadays? Maybe it is not your partner who is to blame.


  • If you have an inherited trait you do not like about your vagina


Is there a trait you inherited that you do not like about your vagina? You can change how you look so you can look and feel confident.


  • Desire to have a sleek and refined contour vagina


Does your body contour spoil your fashion moment when your wear clingy attires or bikinis? Then worry no more because with a simple procedure you can reclaim your perfect body contour and look stunning as ever in your bikinis.


  • Have urinary incontinence


When you are suffering from this condition, you should consider getting a vaginal lift followed by a corrective procedure such as this one. With this surgery you can tuck your vagina back into shape and improve your continence thus lead a better life.


  • If you have discomfort and scars due to previous surgery on your vagina


If you have had other surgeries on your genitals that left some ugly scars there, you can get rid of these with the help of a cosmetic surgeon.


  • Above all, you should be a willing participant who is fully decided to go through with the surgery and recover effectively to a better and healthier sexual life. Also, you ought to be a positive minded person in good health and with realistic goals because the results are not flawless. You should clearly state what you want so your Vaginal Rejuvenation Doctor knows what your priorities are.


What are some of the Vaginal Rejuvenation Benefits?

With all the risk involved plus the costs and discomfort before and after the surgery until healing, it is not uncommon for women to shy away from undertaking the surgical operation. However, it is the numerous benefits that attract more and more women to go ahead with the surgical operation. Below are some of the merits of vagina rejuvenation.

  • Your vagina will return to the tightness you had back in the day before the first child came along – generally when you were a younger.
  • A sleek; trim vagina will do your confidence a world of good
  • You get to re-contour your vagina to achieve your perfect figure.
  • This will make it easier for you to wear bikinis without your vagina sticking out
  • Improved sensation during sexual intercourse
  • Will help your vaginal lift due to urinary incontinence with a corrective surgery
  • Your partner will enjoy the sex more.
  • Sex will feel more comfortable for you.


Vaginal Rejuvenation Recovery

Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss with your at length on how long it will take before you can return to your normal level of activity and walking. Naturally, before the surgery you will be given a detailed account of the symptoms that you will experience at all the stages of recovery. You and your caregiver will also receive instructions on how to care for your healing genitals and how to detect complications. Below is quick highlight of some of these from a general perspective;

  • Immediately after the surgery you may still have some bruising and swelling.
  • Any discomfort you feel you may feel during this period can be controlled with medication.
  • The day of the surgery will require bed rest
  • You may only return to work seven days after the surgery
  • You will be required to maintain a relationship with your surgeon.


After your surgery, you can expect to receive medications that will speed up your recovery and get rid of the pain. Usually, you will not feel any pain as the entire area is numb for at least 18 hours. You will also have to stay at the facility for a period of time under observation.


Vaginal Rejuvenation Cost

The cost of having your vagina tightened varies greatly depending on your Vaginal Rejuvenation Specialist of choosing and the area in which you are currently residing. The procedure can be quite costly and to make matters worse, this is an elective surgery and so the insurance company will not help you to foot this bill. The good thing is that some doctors have come up with pocket friendly financing plans to encourage more to afford the luxury.

Depending on your Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgeon and your location, the procedure will cost you just about $4500 to $9000. For example for a vaginal rejuvenation in Mississippi will cost about $5300. These values are averages and the final amount you end up paying could be above the upper limit.

There are surgeon fees, surgical facility fees, anesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions and surgical garments among other costs that you will end up paying for. However, it is not wise to go about choosing your surgeon based on the cost. The cheapest one you can find may most probably not be worth your while and could land you in hot soup. If you cannot afford the surgery right now, then it can wait until you have enough money to go through with it a proper facility.

Final verdict: vaginoplasty is totally worth it and actually achieves successful results

And in conclusion, vaginoplasty is totally worth your while and the money. In this life, there are more valuable things than money. Your sexual pleasure and self-esteem is one of those things. And if you have been having doubts about whether the procedure actually works, then all you can do carry out your research properly. You will come to the inevitable conclusion that the procedure actually works and will meet your goals provided they are also reasonable. That occasional leak when you laugh, cough or exercise only gets worse with time so maybe it is the high time you started seriously thinking about doing something about.